What is the Alchemist?

Darkero, leader of the Exiled-Heroes, was to wait for the Heavenly army by the will of the Great Creator. After seeing his companions die due to the Transcendence Duror, Darkero waged war against the Dark Order in a final attempt to destroy Duror once and for all. Haruko, who had a love interest in him, followed Darkero, even if it went against the Great Creator’s will. Unable to withstand the might of Duror, they were defeated. To prevent Darkero from dying, she gave him a part of her soul so that he may correct the wrongdoings that they had done by disobeying the Great Creator. With the destruction of humanity and the End Of Time brought about, Haruko sealed away Darkero within a temple protected by the Goddess Aria. Darkero, following the instructions of an unknown magician, embarked on a mission to recover his memories while an unknown warrior roamed the galaxy searching for Dayton. Believing that he was the only human to survive the End Of Time, Dayton must embark on a journey to find the only warrior who can bring a new beginning to humanity and truly defeat Transcendence Duror. Dayton must find the Legendary Alchemist.

Companion System

Travel with your companions and take different tactical routes that will help you through your journey through the Realm of Eternity!


Venture throughout Eternal and uncover the mysteries. Each continent

will be a new experience. Relics, crystals, quest, and stories have

yet to be fulfilled!

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