Dayton Journal Entry #1

     Time…  That is what my father have always said we had.  What happens when the space-time continuum no longer exists? What happens when you are the only human to survive the End of Time?  To be chosen to wield the Fragment of Last Eternal Light and no one to save? To fight your heart out in the last hours and not prevail?  We are the mightiest the Great Creator could offer, yet, we still failed. My father, Darkero, and the United Republic of Exiled Refugees said we had time. Guess for once, we did not. I watched my mother’s soul get ripped apart from her body and her armor incinerated to ash in front of my eyes.  My uncle’s heart got pulled out of his chest by a god. I witnessed General Zure’s face explode as Duror crushed his skull with his bare hands. Even the love of my life was captured and tormented by the Demonic Lord. They said the Transcendence, Duror, was a mere human. As I watched him kill my family, I realized he was not human.  This was beyond any mortal the world had seen. Duror had achieved what we feared most. He had become a god.

     No Transcendence, champion, hero, nor any human could match his strength. I know saying this goes against the Great Creator, but if the Great Creator was here, would I be stuck in the End of Time alone than being with my family?  I don’t believe in the Great Creator or any god. I’m stuck in a world where I am the only one who is alive. Right about now, you are probably wondering who I am. My name is Dayton, Prince of the Former United Republic of Exiled Refugees and wielder of the Elemental Star of Light. I once lived in paradise and protected our nation, URER, with my life.  Aiyana Priestess of Ophiel, Serena the Assassin, Chris the Druid, Andrew of Xera, and Adalyn of Gaia all died at the hands of The Dark Lord. When we were kids, we were always the top of our class… Except for Andrew, who always seemed to catch on late. No matter what we have always stuck together. Even when my mother and father disappeared, we commanded the front lines along with the generals to protect our people.  Aiyana… The first girl I ever knew other than my mother. I had never believed she loved me as I loved her. I just wished that I had told my feeling during our last moments together. At least they did not have to bear the burden that I was given. In this world, you don’t feel pain, regret, love, or any emotion. So how am I supposed to cry when I feel nothing? The little fragment of the Light Star told me to hold on.  Hold on to what? Everything is gone! There is no hope for humanity and for myself… That was until I met a young magician before me.

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