Haruko Journal Entry #1

     We have failed Darkero…  After fighting for so many years,  we have failed. I remember telling you when we first awaken years ago that we couldn’t stand against the might of the Imperial Roman Army.  But now, look at us. We are rulers of all the dimensions. I have never thought we would make it this far… As you have always said, we could do anything we set our mind, to didn’t you?  I could have saved you Darkero… I could have stopped you from challenging Duror. We should have escaped from this dimension when we had the chance. I have never had faith in anyone but myself until you came along.  You had shown me what it was like to be loved. If anything, I had let you down. I could have stopped you Darkero… I thought that when my soul was destroyed that it would all end there. But I was wrong.

     I had awaken in a chamber inside of Uxyae, The Heavenly Sanctum.  There were knights dressed in all gold armor kneeling before me. I’ve never felt so strong, Darkero… I wish you could have seen me. Their leader told me that I was appointed as the new goddess. They explained to me that the spell I put around you worked and that it had also aided the survival of a few others.  I think I’m the first to awaken out of the few that survived. I hope that I will get to see you again one day, Darkero. You had proven to be the love of my life, and had given me a reason to keep going. Maybe it will be like old times… Where we lived in paradise. Maybe that is too much to ask. I mean, we are the chosen ones.  We must continue finish our task that was given to us.

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