Talent Tree

     For our skill system, players will be given a talent tree to choose from.  Dayton will not have a primary class. It will be directly up to the player to carve him into the killing machine of there dreams.  With different weapon sequences, you will be allowed to upgrade your weapon aside from your direct abilities. Each weapon form of Aeterna will have a direct skill tree that will influence not only your play style but also your class. Some players may have dreamed of having a twin blade Pyromancer. With this system. creating that will be possible.

Talent Trees: Classes

     In the beginning, players will have access to one talent tree that will be based solely on Dayton’s Elemental Star of Light’s (Aeterna) abilities. Once enough talents have been achieved, players will have access to different trees that will range from Pyromancer to an Paladin.


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