Nasir Jones (Darkero) – Lead Developer

I’ve been programming since I was 7, where I started working in game development and learning the concept of programming languages. I’ve played and enjoyed dozens of major titles. These have inspired me to push to create and expand my potential in the gaming community. I’m currently a college student who’s majoring in Computer Science.

Abelson Abueg (Sirius) – Project Manager

Hallo! I’m the project manager for Exiled Republic. I’m a casual gamer and I love to game in my free time. I’m fairly new to game development and I never thought I’ll be getting involved until Darkero got me into it. I have multiple interests and hobbies from graphics design to video editing. Pretty much anything computer related. I have no clear specialty, but I’m knowledgeable enough to be versatile and learn many things. I’m also currently pursuing my major in Computer Science.

Nathanael Orosco (Dead4Never) – Lead Blueprint Scripter

I had gotten my first computer at 8 years old, where I began learning how to fix computers with my dad, and brought me into the world of gaming. I have enjoyed playing many titles over the years, Such as the Borderlands Series, The Elderscrolls, Zelda, Assassins Creed, etc. But entering the world of developing games did not start until I began playing Minecraft believe it or not, Learning how to 3D Render builds, I loved rendering! It taught me how to work with models and rigging, and later tried to make test games in blender, but didn’t enjoy programming as much until I switched to Unreal Engine, Game Developing has never been the same for me since.

Jerry Danzinger (Zonen) – Lead Level Designer

Been a gamer since I was a kid, it’s been a hobby that I use to unwind from a hard days work. This hobby has turned into a passion of mine to not only play, but to create. I began investing time several months ago into learning the Unreal Engine, development workflows, and now I’m focused on level design. Taking some courses on game development along with a lot of time spent running through documents, books, and tutorials helped push me into opportunities to create some pretty cool things. I find it spectacular to look at the capabilities that modern technology can provide to create realism and enjoyability into the games we play. Games can be a great way to exit reality for a little while and to just enjoy

Diego Velasco Volkmann (Daerik) – 3D Artist

My objective is to help and inspire people to improve. I’m a Blender artist, my style is realistic with PBR textures and what I enjoy modeling the most are medieval/fantasy weapons, specially swords. I’ve always wanted to create impossible realities, a better world, so programming and game development was the best way for me to achieve that, so I enrolled myself on the computer science for University. I made a few friends who also wanted to develop games, and I realized “we can’t make good games with just programmers”, so I started to pursue 3D art, in order to help my friends, and I ended up loving it. My favorite game series include: Dark Souls, The Binding of Isaac, Undertale and Zelda.

Sebastian Avila – Concept Artist

For the longest time, I have enjoying creating things. I soon found out that the best way to share that creativity and wonder was through drawing. After honing in on my skills for coming up with original concepts and ideas, I enrolled into Art Center College of Design where I currently attend. I have a passion for understanding how things work and creative problem solving which I like to show through my work. I want my concept art to spark fascination in all of us and open a door to new, immersive worlds!

Anthony Reed (Nexus) – Writer

I’m an amateur writer/character artist well on my way to becoming a game developer. I use a more anime style of writing as opposed to something more, realistic, so this a project of this style could prove a more interesting challenge. I also prefer traditional pencil and paper over digital drawing.

Akbar Mna – Concept Artist

I’m a self taught vector artist and I’ve done a lot of freelance work with indie game developers and manga/anime creators but I’m still very much seeking to be involved in the game industry. I’ve gotten my Diploma in Games Technology and currently Degree in Computer Science, throughout my studies I’ve been actively pursuing game development among my peers and even by myself but have never gotten anything pass the testing stage. Still I’m looking forward to creating a wonderful game in the future.

Joshua Mallard – Music/Sound Producer

Joshua Mallard (b. 1998) is an award winning African-American composer and sound designer  currently residing in Tampa, Florida. Joshua began his career composing for community service groups and high school ensembles. His work includes pieces for Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Ensembles, Game, Film, and many other platforms. His musical style draws inspiration from a wide array of popular and contemporary styles, seeking to blend them while innovating as a musician. Joshua has received performances from a variety of ensembles, including the Rote Hund Muzik ensemble at the University of Georgia. Additionally, Joshua practices in audio implementation and sound design for game audio. His work can be heard on titles such as Tower Duel, “Hey! A Loot Box!”, Sea of Greed, etc. As a flutist, Joshua performs with the University of South Florida He is currently pursuing a bachelor degree in music composition at the University of South Florida(BM’21) under the instruction of Paul Reller and Baljinder Sekhon.

Amy Rhee (MungBean) – Concept Artist

I’m a character concept artist who’s currently attending Art Center College of Design. I’ve been doodling pretty much my whole life, and realized that I can continue doing what I love and make it a career. My hope is to be able to let the players fully enjoy the game by creating unique designs that will make the game experience more pleasant and fun!

Dominik Kalajdzic (Moonkid) – Music/Sound Producer

I’m a self taught sound designer, composer and recent high school graduate who has been producing a broad array of different styles of music over the past 5 years. My music blends soothing electronic elements to create certain ambiences and atmospheres, so moving towards a more orchestral sound proves an interesting challenge I am willing to take! Video games, being the main factor that influences my music, have always played a huge role in my life. I find it fascinating how video games combine visuals with music to create beautiful and immersive worlds. Some of my favorite games, along with their soundtracks, are NieR: Automata, the Elder Scrolls series, the Zelda games (especially Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks and Breath of the Wild), Persona 4+5, and Subnautica.

Michal Serwicki (Ghost) – Level Designer


IT Technician and gamer since i remember. I always was fascinated about game dev and trying to understand how they works. Also a big fan of entire e-sport industry. Level design is probably the most exciting part of game dev for me because it’s improve imagination and teamwork at the same time. Biggest dream? I would like to be a full-time level designer in the future Passionate of stock market, economy, gaming economy and cryptocurrency as well.

Mateusz Wendowski (Glimp) – Concept Artist

My biggest dream since I was a kid was to be a part of the gaming industry as an artist. I have been drawing since is was 7 years old. My parents told me that it would not be worth it as a main career path, so i became a carpenter and many other odd jobs in many different countries. In my free time i still drew, all the while the industry kept growing. I started regretting my decision to not pursue digital art, when all of the sudden, Discord came up and this project found me. My dream came true, never give up on your dreams!

Bilal Mamdoo (Inferno) – 3D Modeler

I am a renaissance man, self-taught in various creative skills ranging from graphic design to game art, app development, website development and more. Artistic expression is my passion.

Gevanei Malcolm – 3D Modeler

I am a 3D character and Environment Prop Artist. I have worked with a team before with the unreal engine, it was a great learning experience for us all and me especially considering it forced me to get into character modeling and organic modeling overall. Peace!