An alliance established after the Eunoian Empire left Ophielian Forest, Eta was a combination of the elven races. Eta part of the Alliance established by Eternal Eden. Eta ruling capital city resides in Enan Aethel.  After their establishment, three subfactions were formed with different roles and ideologies:

Ra’Dorei:  A faction of pure High Elves that wanted to keep the High Elven blood and culture pure.  They believe that the High Elven blood is superior and should lead the Eta Alliance because of their superior power in Light and Aurorian magic.  Having a High Elf in the Council of the Hands of Eden, they were given the responsibility of controlling the gate to Eden as well as conducting diplomacy and representation throughout Ophielian Forest.

Na’Dorei: A faction of pure Wood Elves that wanted to keep the Wood Elven blood and culture pure.  They believe that their knowledge and wisdom as well as their authority to maintaining the balance of the natural elements makes them better qualified to lead the Eta Alliance.  They were formed after they were outcasted from Enan Aethel when they were seen as inferior and irrelevant to the politics of Ophielian Forest. They established their own capital city, Ayandorei, focusing on trade and economics through their masteries in natural magic to maintain influence in Ophielian Forest.

La’Dorei:  A faction of both Wood and High Elves that wanted to preserve the unity of both elven races established by the Eunoian Empire.  They believed that keeping the legacy of unity of the Eunoia Empire will preserve the glory of the Elven Races. The faction were also followers of the Archangel Uriel and worshiped the Transcendence Ophiel.  They established their capital city around one of two Trees of Yggdrasil, Ophiel, where the Temple of Ophiel was created. Having received the divine blessings of the Archangel Uriel, the La’Dorei were chosen to protect and have authority of all the Trees of Yggdrasil in the Realm of Eternity.