Oldest faction of the Elves founded by the original pure elven race called the Ta’Dora with Ab’Shallah Mirius as the founder of the Kingdom of Eunoia.  The Ta’Dora were known in legends as the longest living race that maintained balance and security in Realm of Eternity. When the Dark Order invaded the Realm of Eternity, Ab’Shallah Mirius lead the frontline.  This war was known as the War of Eden. It has been rumored that almost all of them have been wiped out from the war with Ab’Shallah Mirius and a few others as sole survivors of the Ta’Dora race. This lead to the fall of the Kingdom of Eunoia.  After the War of Eden, Ab’Shallah Mirius united all elves to rebuild balance and security in Ophielian Forest, taking on roles that were once only for the Ta’Dora race. This unification was known as the Eta Pact. After two centuries of the reestablishment of order in Ophielian Forest, Ab’Shallah Mirius suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons.  His disappearance lead to civil and political conflict for power between the Wood and High Elven races.